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What We Do

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Navigation, Coordination, Transitions, Appointments, and Medications


Reviewing, Oversight Independence Guidances & Recommendations and

Long Term Planning


Family Communication and

Crisis Management

 Healthcare Management
Healthcare Coordination

As we age, we see more and more healthcare providers.  All of these providers need to know about a client’s condition and updates such as a new medication or diagnosis. Let us communicate those changes to your doctors and other professionals so everyone remains on the same page and services are utilized appropriately.


Medication Management

Medications can be confusing such as when to take them and potential side effects.  Our nurses help our clients plan when and how to safely take their medications.  We work with our clients to create a Medication Administration Record (MAR) tailored to their needs and utilize different technologies to ensure all medications are taken safely.


Medical Appointments

Keeping track of multiple medical appointments and scheduling new ones can be challenging.  We can help coordinate appointments to ensure timely care.  When needed, we accompany clients to medical appointments so that the healthcare professional can fully address questions and concerns, and the nurse can communicate results of the appointment to the client and family.

Client Advocacy
Client Advocacy

Healthcare can be overwhelming. We can help navigate the system and outline options. We work to support client wishes and ensure care is delivered appropriately. Our team can assist with managing insurance and Medicare claims so that care gets covered.


Resource Recommendations

It’s difficult to find a provider or a long-term care facility that will exceed all of your expectations. Our network of providers and facilities are liked and trusted by our clients.

Planning for Long-Term Care Needs

Senior care often means preparing for rapidly changing needs. Planning for safety, caregiver, preventative care needs and changes in condition are integral to living a healthy and fulfilling life. Our team works proactively to address these concerns.

Client & Family Support
Transitional Support

Whether it is preparing to leave rehabilitation, moving to an assisted living community, managing a new diagnosis, or initiating palliative or hospice care, we are here to assist the client with these transitions. This may entail ensuring referrals are in place for services such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech therapy. This can also involve obtaining durable medical equipment (e.g. wheelchair, shower chair), supporting changes to the home to address safety concerns, or working with caregiver management for a safe transition to home.


Family Communication

Between work, family obligations, or distance, staying current on a loved one’s condition and needs can be difficult. We work with families so that they remain involved and know the details of their loved one’s health and well-being.

Crisis Management

Crises can come in many forms – hospitalization, new diagnosis, or family moving away from a parent. Whatever the crisis, our experienced nurses can help clients and families plan and prepare for the best transition and outcome.

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