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Our Advantage

"RN" is in Our Name

All of our Care Managers
are Nurses

“RN” is in Our Name

All of our Care Managers are Nurses, with a combined 120+ years of experience, knowledge, and compassionate problem solving and advocacy.  We are specialists in medical and healthcare management.  Our core discipline is healthcare, and we build teams with other care specialists as needed to provide a comprehensive, highly skilled and diversified care team for our client.


Complex Medical Situations

We specialize in complex medical situations ranging from acute illness to multiple chronic conditions.  Our Nurse Care Managers are experts in Managing, Navigating, Monitoring and Coordinating healthcare and its various components and options.  We focus on the Promotion of Health through proactive methods to prevent disease and illness.


Dementia Care Specialty

We are knowledgeable and experienced in the complexities of cognitive impairment. Our Dementia Care Lead Nurse worked for the Alzheimer’s Association, providing guidance and education to individuals, families, and caregivers. Other Care Managers have experience in working with clients with dementia in various settings including acute care, Skilled Nursing, and Assisted Living.


RN Health Care Continuum ®

RN Health’s proprietary “RN Health Care Continuum”® care management model provides our clients with personalized and integrated health care management.  Our Care Continuum model integrates a Needs Assessment and Recommendations with a Plan of Care, Ongoing Assessment, and Communication.  The Care Continuum provides an “evergreen” Plan of Care that is constantly evolving but always serves as a road map, providing direction for our client and team of providers


Our Technology

RN Health’s proprietary xCare360 care management system empowers and connects our multidisciplinary and collaborative team across the Care Continuum.  xCare360’s secure client management system provides better outcomes through holistic management of client needs.

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