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Lee-Anne Godfrey


During her 25-year nursing career, Lee-Anne has worked with adults in a variety of settings, from post-surgery to oncology to hospice.


She earned a baccalaureate degree from the University of Waterloo in the area of Social Work and a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Nursing from the University of British Columbia.  Lee-Anne is a Care Manager Certified (CMC).

Lee-Anne believes that patient education and communication empowers patients to make the best decisions for themselves and their well-being. She is an empathetic nurse who loves working with her patients to better their health and their lives.

Christina has 19 years experience working as a Registered Nurse and Certified Case Manager (CCM), working in various settings such as Long-Term Acute Hospitals and Skilled Nursing Facilities.

Christina has the knowledge, expertise and professional experience needed to serve clients with complex healthcare challenges.  

She enjoys using her extensive experience base to provide guidance and support to clients as they look for guidance in navigating the complex healthcare system.

Coming from a family of doctors and nurses, Melissa developed an interest in science and health from an early age.


She earned a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University and a secondary degree from Stanford University.

Throughout her career, Melissa has always enjoyed sharing her knowledge and expertise through educating staff, patients, and families. Melissa’s wide array of clinical experience and her compassionate nature make her a wonderful RN Health Manager to have on your team.

Christina Palmer


Melissa Leasure


Doris Mendoza


CNS Geriatrics

Doris is a Registered Nurse with a Master of Science in Nursing.  She is also a licensed Clinical Nursing Specialist in Geriatrics and Public Health Nurse.

Kim brings 26+ years of experience in accounting and finance to RN Health Management.

She oversees general accounting operations by controlling and ensuring the integrity of our accounting information by recording, verifying, consolidating, and entering transactions.  

Kim’s role ensures that financially, all clients are treated fairly and equitably.

Derek MacKenzie

Chief Operating Officer 

Derek has more than 25+ years of experience in marketing, business management and development roles in companies ranging from Fortune 500 organizations to start-ups. 


He has well-honed expertise in strategic planning, marketing, technology, finance and business operations.


Derek holds an economics degree from McMaster University and an associate degree in Marketing and Advertising from Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology, both in Ontario, Canada.

Kim Spurgin


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