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Are you passionate about helping the elderly and have a Nursing background? Nursing Care Management may be right for you.

We are looking for part-time Nurse Care Managers. see job description

Love Helping People?
You’ll fit right in.

We're growing...  and we are always looking for professional experienced  nurses who love helping people in  Orange County, South Bay and LA county, CA

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Job Description

Nurse Care Management is the process of organizing, coordinating and overseeing medical services and resources in response to an individual’s health needs.  The position of Nurse Care Manager requires an individual with clinical, professional, interpersonal and communication skills.  The right candidate will work as a team member in a collaborative environment with various healthcare providers, caregivers, family members, social workers, trustees and legal guardians of the patient. The primary role of the position is medical oversight and to assess, plan, coordinate, facilitate and oversee care for older adults with multiple chronic health issues in the home or care facility


The position does not include hands-on nursing care. 


Local Orange County and LA County travel with self-scheduling client home visits and work from a home office.

Education & License: CA Nursing License in good standing.

Type: Part Time

Compensation: At market rate

Essential Job Functions/Responsibilities

  1. Professional and experienced clinical nurse who enjoys working with patients, families, other care providers and ancillary service providers in a team environment.  The position also includes mentoring and teaching others on the care team.

  2. Needs Assessment:  Perform needs assessment of patient in order to develop plan of care, prioritize goals and measure interventions.  Plan of Care incorporates therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitative actions.  Advocate for client well-being and serve as a liaison between client, loved ones and healthcare providers.

  3. Monitor Needs and Ongoing Nurse Care Management:  Care Continuum process of needs re-assessment, Plan of Care updates goals and activities update and pro-active care monitoring. Results of follow-up visits will be compared to the initial assessment to determine what adjustments to activities and care are needed.

  4. The position does not include hands-on nursing care.


Position Qualifications

  1. Interpersonal skills and ability to promote a collaborative approach to care.

  2. Clinical experience.

  3. Observational skills.

  4. Verbal and written communication skills.

  5. Problem-solving skills.

  6. Detail oriented and self-directed.

  7. Able to use a computer, have word processing skills along with an ability to learn and utilize Care Management system.

Physical Requirements

Nurse Care Manager will be required to visit clients in their home or care facility.  The Nurse Care Manager will work from a home office.  The position requires only occasional bending, reaching, stooping, lifting and moving materials weighing 25 pounds or less. The position requires daily use of a computer/laptop and requires entering, viewing and revising text and graphics on the computer and on paper.  Position also involves extensive communication via telephone.

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